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EHS Education Foundation Selects Scholarship Winners for 2022

The EHS Education Foundation has proudly supported Erie High School seniors and alumni since its inception in 2006 when the Board members put mostly their own money together to grant $2000 worth of scholarships. Fast forward sixteen years to 2022: the Foundation is awarding over $100,000 in scholarships to EHS seniors and alumni! The EHS Ed Foundation also offers sponsored scholarships, scholarships for students who have attended Erie schools only, scholarships for those going into the trades, and those who are children of disabled veterans.

After pouring over nearly 100 applications the Ed Foundation has awarded 34 students over $100k. Congratulations to the applicants listed below! To find out which scholarships and how much they won come to the 2022 Senior Night of Reflection where they will be introduced.

EHS Seniors:
Savannah Byrd
Kathryn Duncan
Keaton Dynneson
Garrett Felton
Gabriel Friedl
Katelyn Gardner
Bridget Germany
Aidan Grant
Mary Jardine
Yubraj KC
Mindy Kennedy
Anna Lunstad
Macy MacTavish
Gavin Malek
Carter Manchester
Aidan Morganfield
Emilee Mortensen
Alexandria Morton
Parker Patzer
Grace Rowberry
Zachary Ruschak
Erina Shrestha
Kaden Sisk
Everett Smith

Aidan Turner
Ryan Velarde
Kaison Voegeli
Heidi Warlock

EHS Alumni:
Kyra Bell
Yanira Neidine Carrasco Castaneda
Mindy Kennedy
Lydia Mandeville
Grant Otto
Skylar Tempel

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