Educators to Community: Thank you!

Erie High School would like to thank the EHS Booster Club, Erie Moms in Prayer, and the various parents who contributed to the wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week our educators experienced last week.

Our teachers were treated to sweets and treats galore with a fantastic $25 gift card for each member of our teaching staff. Thank you, community members, for your support of our WORLD FAMOUS EDUCATORS!

The EHS Boosters do so much for our school community! We appreciate their kindness for events like this and for feeding our teachers for parent/teacher conferences each semester. Their fundraising helps teachers, students, and the community each year without fail. Please remember this the next time you want something to eat during a game: you’re helping to keep teachers up-to-date and our kids safe during Prom!

Thank you to all of the EHS community for all you do to support our students and teachers!

Erie High School