We appreciate the partnership with have with the parents in our community. Everything the school does would be much more difficult to accomplish without the help of our outstanding parent community.

While we recognize that student attendance is critically linked to academic success every day on the calendar, there is a period when student attendance has an additional impact on learning in public schools.

For the next two weeks, Erie High School’s attendance will be monitored very closely so that the exact number of students attending each day can be determined. This culminates on Monday, October 3rd when we will count the number of students in the school at a specific time of the day. These attendance measurements are then used to calculate the many needs of the school and school district. Funding for important programs are based on the “October Count” including the number of Full-Time Equivalents (FTE) teaching positions we have. Ultimately, this allows us to keep our classes as small as possible.

If it is at all possible we ask that you have your child attend school during this period if they are well enough to do so, particularly on October 3rd. Please keep this in mind as you make appointments for your children in the upcoming days.

To help boost attendance during this span of time October is one of only two months during the school year when we do not have a PLC/Late Start Day. Wednesday, October 5th will be a regular school day.

Erie High School