A number of Erie High School students are being impacted by a shortage of available spots on school buses for transportation to and from school. Currently, students who need a bus are put on a waiting list for a bus but those lists are not getting shorter fast enough. The SVVSD Transportation Department is working diligently to solve this problem so that all students who need a bus can ride, but in the mean time you may be able to help out. If you or your child makes the trip to/from EHS each day and you have a seat available in your car, you can help!

Erie High School is partnering with SchoolPool, an outreach of DRCOG‘s WayToGo program to help commuting students and parents find others with whom to share carpooling responsibility.  The system is simple and secure.  You enter your information which will only be shared with others who have contributed their information.  You will never be contacted by anyone other than folks interested in carpooling.  You manage your own account so if your contact information changes, you may edit it yourself.

If a car has a seat available you may really be able to help out a neighbor. We need more people to register who are already driving to school each day to help the students who have recently moved to Erie or who didn’t think they needed a bus, but find themselves needing a ride now.

Simply visit http://bit.ly/ehscarpool to register and find other carpoolers today!  

Erie High School