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What IS chronic absenteeism?

This week the school is reaching out to parents of students who have been chronically absent so far this year. Chronic absenteeism is being absent for at least 10% of the possible days of school. Even if students are excused by their parents, if a student misses 10% or more of their school days, they are considered chronically absent.

The good news is that all a student needs to do to correct this is to continue attending classes when they are able. Over a short period of time, their attendance will stop being chronically absent.

Example: School has been in session for 10 days. Joe Tiger missed one day due to an illness and his parents called the school to excuse the absence. Since Joe missed 1 of his ten days, he was absent 10% of the time that school has been in session and is therefore chronically absent. On the eleventh day, Joe goes to school as planned. Now his absenteeism has dropped to 9.9% and he is no longer chronically absent.

In other words, there is no need to call the school to let us know that you previously called in to excuse your child’s attendance, as chronic absenteeism looks only at the number of days the student has been at school, excused or not. The best remedy is to just keep trying to get your child to school on days they are well enough to do so. When they are no longer chronically absent, the school will notify you thanking you and your student for your efforts.

If you have any questions regarding chronic absenteeism or truancy, please call the school at (303) 828-4213.

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