As we find ourselves midway through the first semester of the 2022-23 school year it’s important to remember that our 9th-grade students have not ever had classes that are on a semester schedule.

Sometimes freshmen are surprised to find out that their grade doesn’t start over at the beginning of quarter 2 (the time period we are currently in). Students who are enjoying good grades at this point in the semester have to sustain that good work through to the end of December in order to finish with a good grade. Conversely, students who have a low grade now have an opportunity to improve their work habits and focus on schoolwork in order to raise their grade before the end of the semester.

A strategy that simply won’t work is if students who are currently not doing well don’t make a change in their efforts. Without making a change, their grade will remain low and if the class is required, they will need to retake the class.

Please embrace this opportunity to redouble your efforts so that you can finish this semester with the good grades your deserve!

Erie High School