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When is being sick too sick to come to school?

A child’s ability to learn, perform and behave can depend on how they feel physically and illness plays a significant role in school absences. Often parents don’t understand when their child is too sick for school and when they can safely send them to school.  If a student has a contagious illness that could cause illness in other children, they should stay home.  

Students can come and remain at school if:

  • They have a runny nose and a slight cough, but no other symptoms
  • They have been fever free for 24 hours without taking any fever-reducing medicine.
  • Haven’t thrown up or had any diarrhea for 24 hours. 

Students should remain home if:

  • The child doesn’t feel well enough to take part in normal activities
  • The child needs more care than teachers and staff can give, and still care for the other children.

The Health Services department follows guidelines developed by the  Colorado Children’s Hospital when making a determination if a student is too sick to be at school.  We also work closely with our local public health departments in Weld and Boulder Counties for communicable disease control guidance.

Links: https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/sites/default/files/DEHS_ChildCare_HowSickistooSickIllnessPolicy_English.pdf

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