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Front Range Community College classes second semester

If you are taking a Spring Concurrent Enrollment course through FRCC (taught on the EHS Campus), FRCC classes will begin on January 17, 2023. Please check the schedule below for your class meeting days:

CRNSBJCourse #SectionCourse NameBlocksStart TimeEnd TimeDaysInstructorInstructor Email
65737ASL1122281American Sign Language II1/57:45 AM9:12 AMM/W/FElizabeth Brison[email protected]
65741PSY1002281General Psychology II1/57:45 AM9:12 AMT/RRuss Fousheeemail forthcoming
65738ASL1122281American Sign Language II2/69:22 AM10:49 AMM/W/FElizabeth Brison[email protected]
65743SOC1001283Introduction to Sociology2/69:22 AM10:49 AMT/RRuss Fousheeemail forthcoming
65744BUS2017280Business Communication & Report Writing3/710:59 AM12:28 PMM/WTBDTBD
65739ENG1022285English Composition II3/710:59 AM12:28 PMT/RMisty Falkenstein[email protected]
65742PSY1002282General Psychology II4/81:18 PM2:45 PMM/WEden Mallon[email protected]
65740ENG1022286English Composition 1I4/81:18 PM2:45 PMT/RMisty Falkenstein[email protected]
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