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Handicap spaces are reserved for those who need them

Erie High School is experiencing greater crowding in the parking lot and unfortunately, some students have chosen to park in handicapped parking spots.

Handicapped parking spots are designated areas that are intended for individuals with disabilities who have a valid handicap permit or license plate. Misusing these spots by parking in them without a valid permit or by parking in them even when you do not have a disability is not only illegal, but it is also inconsiderate and disrespectful to those who genuinely need these spots. These spots and the striped areas adjacent to them are there to make the lives of people with disabilities a little bit easier. Let’s all do our part to ensure that these spots are available and accessible to those who need them by not misusing them.

Additionally, our Campus Supervisors have reported seeing students parking in non-parking spots while there are still plenty of spots available. Please arrive a bit early so you have time to find an appropriate parking spot rather than just stopping in a thru lane or on the grass.

We appreciate your attention to this important expectation.

Erie High School