College Algebra is Coming to EHS!

College Algebra is coming to EHS! Rising Seniors: Erie High School is excited to announce that College Algebra, in partnership with Front Range Community College (FRCC), will be a course option for rising seniors beginning the 23-24 school year. College Algebra will be a 1-semester course taught by an FRCC instructor. Students who pass College Algebra with a C or higher will earn 3 college credits from FRCC. Rising Seniors who are interested in adding College Algebra to their course requests for next year should complete this form by Friday February 10th. Students and families should note these important details when considering this course: 

  • The St. Vrain Valley School District requires 3 years of math for all graduates; it is important for students to consider that Higher Education Admission Recommendations (HEAR) may go beyond what St. Vrain requires for graduation (some universities require 4 years of math). 
  • Algebra 2 is the prerequisite for College Algebra.
  • College Algebra will replace Finite Math or Statistics in a student’s requests. 
  • Students may take College Algebra as a stand-alone course (not paired with Finite Math or Statistics) but should be aware of the specific admission requirements for prospective universities.
  • Interested students need to be up to the challenge of taking a college-level math class during high school.

Students should talk with their current math teacher if they have questions about whether College Algebra is a good option for them.

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