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Dress Code at EHS

One of the ways that Erie High School students show their pride in themselves and their accomplishments is through their choices of dress.  EHS is a place of excellence where students better themselves to prepare for the future.  All students should dress for that role.  Before you walk out the door in the morning ask […]

Parking Permits at Erie High School

All students need a parking permit in order to park at Erie High School.  To begin the process of obtaining a permit you must first apply.  The link to the application is on the school’s website under the About tab.  Fill out the form and indicate your agreement to the terms before submitting.  Once that […]


Right Turn Only!

Turning left at the southmost exit from Erie High School is not allowed and a sign was erected some time ago to remind drivers.  We are reminding you again that only right turns are allowed when leaving through that exit. Why is this rule in place? People leaving Erie High, in the past, would turn left […]

Senior Photographers

The Erie Yearbook partners with 7 different photographers that specialize in senior portraits. We have attached all of their information to this email and encourage you to consider them as you narrow down your decision on where to get your senior portraits done! We have worked with all of these photographers and know that they […]


Summer Tech Help

Over the summer, if you are having trouble with your iPad or any of the apps you use for school you can get support.   First, please read these FAQs which may help you solve the problem yourself.  There are a number of things that you can troubleshoot on your own without having to wait […]

Planning Ahead to Fall 2021

At EHS we are busy making plans for the beginning of the 2021-22 school year and wanted to keep you up to date with the information as it stands at this time.   Summer Office Hours:Our front office will have limited availability over the summer: June 1 – 11th: 7:45am – 3:00pm June 15 – […]

Graduation Photos

Studio5, our school’s photographer was at the graduation ceremony and took a photo of each graduate.  Erie High School has paid for each family to download a photo of their graduate.  You can also download the panaramic photo we took in Tiger Stadium during the Senior Celebration on May 14th. To download your child’s photo, […]

Graduation of the Class of 2021

This year’s senior class will graduate on Saturday, May 29th at 10am in Tiger Stadium!  Due to remaining COVID restrictions, this event is not open to the general public or community this year but a free livestream of the ceremony will be available on the Erie Tiger Network.  Each graduate had a number of tickets […]

Season D Sports

As events were postponed this year due to COVID many of our athlete’s seasons were put on hold.  As a result, Season D sports will be in action throughout the month of June.  Since you don’t have classes to be in you should be able to get out and support your classmates as they finish […]

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